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Supported by years of research and innovation, UK Lifts once again breaks new ground by introducing a New Generation of Hydarulic and Electric Lifts - the Green Edition Lifts.  For Hydraulic Lifts, this unique technology combines excellent quality of motion by means of the C-LRV electronic valve, and energy savings of up to 50%, thanks to the inverter drive and special automation circuits.


For Electric lifts, the joint-lapped core built in the permenant magnet motor of the traction machine features flexible joints. The iron core can be like a hinge, which allows coils to be wound around the core more densely, resulting in improved motor efficiency and compactness. High-density magnetic field is produced, enabling lower use of energy and resources and reduced CO2 emissions. In addition, we have adopted a 2:1 (single-wrap) roping system, which lessens load on the traction machine, and allows further reductions in traction machine size.


The growing worldwide concern for the environment and global warming caused by the increase in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, a consequence of our massive dependence of non-renewable energies, has meant that energy efficiency is now a matter of utmost importance.


Buildings represent approximately 40% of this energy consumption and the lifts within them (and other forms of vertical transportation) contribute to this figure by 4%-8%. There are currently around 4,500,000 installed lifts in the EU with approximately 125,000 being installed each year. Due to the savings that could be made, all of this means that improving the energy efficiency of lifts is highly relevant. This not only applies to newly manufactured lifts but also to existing lifts, which are often the least energy efficient because of their dated technology.

At UK Lifts we believe that the conservation of the planet is our responsibility. Therefore, our products are conceived, designed and manufactured using the best resources whilst seeking maximum energy efficiency. We know that we have a lot to improve but we want to embark upon this journey with honesty because, for us, environmental sustainability is not just a mere publicity stunt.

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