Lift Service | Equality Act Compliance (DDA)

Equality Act Compliance (formerly DDA)

It is very unlikely that building and facility managers are not aware of the accessibility requirements placed upon them as a result of the Disability Discrimination Act which came into full effect in 2004. However, some eight years on there are still many lift installations that fail to meet with the requirements of the Act. Undoubtedly there are many reasons why upgrades have not been actioned, change of management or misinterpretation of the Act to name just two. In any event, UK Lifts can help with advice to help ensure that you know the DDA status of your lift(s) and where needed, can offer options for modifications and upgrades to consideration.


Items that may affect the DDA status of your lift;

  • Lift entrance size and the ability of the lift car to accommodate a wheelchair

  • Height and type of lift operating panel and landing call buttons

  • Height of handrail in the lift car and the light lux levels

  • Tactile, illuminated and responsive (vibrating) operating buttons

  • Voice annunciation


If you have any doubts or questions about your lift(s) DDA compliance, we will be happy to assist with an on-site, no cost survey or an informative telephone conversation to further illustrate the Act’s requirements.

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