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Planned Maintenance

Planned Lift Maintenance | Planned Lift Servicing

It makes good business sense and also a requirement under health and safety legislation that all lift systems must be maintained on a regular business. UK Lifts will remove your concerns of meeting these requirements by servicing your lift equipment on a time schedule that best suits you and providing the highest professional and engineering standards to ensure compliance with all statutory regulations.


Planned lift maintenance and servicing is an essential as a positive preventative measures. Break downs and repairs cost you time and money so having an expert team regularly look over your system, at a time convenient to you, is the smart way to keep on top of wear and tear taking care of any problem at the earliest stage long before they get expensive or potentially dangerous. The only way to get top performance and long life: Preventive Maintenance. Any machinery that gets constant use needs constant care. For lifts, that means regular inspection, adjustment and lubrication. Preventive maintenance keeps lifts operating at their best, it helps avoid major replacements and it prolongs the valuable life of your lifts. UK Lifts maintenance plans provide dependable, reliable maintenance for your lifts.

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