Lift Modernisation & Refurbishment

UK Lifts Modernisation & Repair programmes enable you to invest in the long term performance of your building. Using our wide range of specifically designed products and our unrivalled experience we can provide you with an advanced upgrade solution with minimum impact on your buildings day to day operation.

Full Modernisation - enables you to benefit from a new lift installation, whether this means a complete replacement of all lift components or the supply of a complete new lift.  Lifts almost always outlive any other building system. However there comes a time when all building systems have to be replaced.

Our experience and expertise in Modernisation along with the practicality of our market leading lift for existing building means that we can offer innovative solution whatever the requirement.

Our initial investigations will be to establish as to whether a brand new "Existing Building Lift" can be installed, this includes UK Lifts taking responsibility for all building interface issues. Our works will minimise impact on your daily operation whilst providing you with your new lift.

If the installation of a brand new lift is not possible, our investigations will then look into installing our revolutionary "Existing Building Lift" Modular system. The "Existing Building Lift" Modular system utilises the core components of our "Existing Building Lift" units and interfaces them onto your existing equipment. The scope of "Existing Building Lift" Modular can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your building.

Traditional Modernisation - for applications where an "Existing Building Lift" solution is unable to meet the building performance requirements, we will use our vast engineering expertise to design a modernisation solution around traditional UK Lifts modernisation methods

Improve - improve modernises the key components of your lift by offering a range of advanced Sistel controllers, door operators, machines, infrared safety edges, communication systems, aesthetics and health and safety works.

These products are specifically designed for modernisation and minimise down time by utilising a plug and play configuration and focuses on improving: Safety | Performance | Aesthetic | Comfort | Efficiency

Repairs and Upgrades - Our wide range of repair packages provides solutions which are simple, quick and easy to keep your lift in service. Should repair packages be needed these will be advised by your local maintenance engineer.

Equality Act Compliance (formerly DDA)


It is very unlikely that building and facility managers are not aware of the accessibility requirements placed upon them as a result of the Disability Discrimination Act which came into full effect in 2004. However, some ten years on there are still many lift installations that fail to meet with the requirements of the Act. Undoubtedly there are many reasons why upgrades have not been actioned, change of management or misinterpretation of the Act to name just two. In any event, UK Lifts can help with advice to help ensure that you know the DDA status of your lift(s) and where needed, can offer options for modificatations and upgrades to consideration.

Items that may affect the DDA status of your lift;

  • Lift entrance size and the ability of the lift car to accomodate a wheelchair
  • Height and type of lift operating panel and landing call buttons
  • Height of handrail in the lift car and the light lux levels
  • Tactile, illuminated and responsive (vibrating) operating buttons
  • Voice annunciation

If you have any doubts or questions about your lift(s) DDA compliance, we will be happy to assist with either an on-site, no cost survey or an informative telephone conversation to further illustrate the Acts’s requirements.

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